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Rank Title and Description In Out
1 AVES WORLD Best Bird Sites
24 37
Aviculture: Preventing the Extinction of Bird Species through Aviary Breeding. Add your bird site to our list!
2 T A M B O R I N E A V I A R I E S
15 34
Breeders of Australian & exotic parrots. Hand-raised pets & breeding birds. Articles, information, photos. Bird sales, events list. Leg ring size list. Translator.
3 TotallyTiels
11 28
A Friendly community forum dedicated to the Cockatiel
4 Allevamento amatoriale BOURKE05
10 14
ALLEVAMENTO AMATORIALE BOURKE05 , Soggetti allevati: Parrocchetto di Bourke (Neopsephotus Bourkii), Parrocchetto Barrato (Bolborhynchus Lineola), Parrocchetto della Sierra (Psilopsiagon Aymara) e Parr
5 The International Community Of Aviculture - (ICA)
9 14
The ICA is the first and only Arabic site that is concerned with pet birds.
It is noticeably reflecting the considerable experience of Arabic breeders in all aspects of aviculture.
It has Arabic comm