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philippine exhibition budgerigar society inc.
the first and only budgerigar society ever established in the philippines 2007

Rank Title and Description In Out
1 AVES WORLD Best Bird Sites
18 35

Aviculture: Preventing the Extinction of Bird Species through Aviary Breeding. Add your bird site to our list!
2 T A M B O R I N E A V I A R I E S
12 34

Breeders of Australian & exotic parrots. Hand-raised pets & breeding birds. Articles, information, photos. Bird sales, events list. Leg ring size list. Translator.
3 personatus
11 22

breeder of black masked lovebird
4 Allevamento amatoriale BOURKE05
10 21

ALLEVAMENTO AMATORIALE BOURKE05 , Soggetti allevati: Parrocchetto di Bourke (Neopsephotus Bourkii), Parrocchetto Barrato (Bolborhynchus Lineola), Parrocchetto della Sierra (Psilopsiagon Aymara) e Parr
5 TotallyTiels
10 27

A Friendly community forum dedicated to the Cockatiel
Rank Title and Description In Out
6 The International Community Of Aviculture - (ICA)
9 23

The ICA is the first and only Arabic site that is concerned with pet birds.
It is noticeably reflecting the considerable experience of Arabic breeders in all aspects of aviculture.
It has Arabic comm
7 Talk Parrotlets
7 27

Talk Parrotlets is a website for parrotlet owners to talk about parrotlets. Includes an interactive forum and a parrotlet gallery.
8 Feathered Fiends
6 25

Follow the progress of my feathered fiends throughout their daily lives.
9 Owned By Parrots Aviary
4 15

Owned By Parrots Aviary is an In Home Pet Supply Store that supplies local pet stores of hand fed parrots, some feeds and toys.

We are a local in home pet store as well as breeder.
10 Michelle Fazio
1 17

Our African Greys love everybody and are raised with our family and other pets. I have newly hatched babies for sale. I am taking deposits for quality hand fed Congo African Greys and Red Factor babie
Rank Title and Description In Out
11 Budgie Love
1 15

A budgie site with the Aviary Budgie Cam and links to other great budgie places
12 Birds Comfort
0 17

Birds Comfort.com offer for you and your pet birds best selection of bird cages,bird carriers,bird stands and bird perches
13 Bird Cages Blog
0 16
Bird Cages Blog - All About Bird Cages
14 All pets Directory
0 19
Directory of many Parrot breeder sites. Add your listing.
15 The Pigeon Loft
0 15
Rank Title and Description In Out
16 hqbirdcages
0 17
HQ Bird Cages .com - the leading source for HQ brand bird cages
17 Feathered Flock
0 16

18 Neophemen
0 19
19 eparrots.biz
0 8

funsite about pet, feral and wild parrots
20 Wiki Pet Bird
0 17

An interactive one-stop resource for birdkeepers. Currently looking for contributors to share their knowledge!
21 Hungry Bird - Feeding Birds Better Food
0 8
A site dedicated to bird food and nutrition. I post pictures of all my birdie meals and I also write reviews on different foods and stores.
22 Ziergefuegel und Exotenzüchterverein Jahnsdorf
0 9

23 Cosas de loros y mas ...
0 9
Cosas de loros y mas ...
24 My Bird Cage
0 16
My Bird Cage .com - The leading source fot HQ brand bird cages.
25 Bird Sites Directory
0 16

A resource directory for bird sites. Find pet birds, wild birds, birding resources and supplies, pet bird cages and food, and more.

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